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Guangzhou Tower


Guangzhou Tower also known as Guangzhou New TV Tower, nicknamed small wild waist , located near the Chigang Tower, Haizhu District (Yizhou Island), Guangzhou City, China, 125 meters from the southern shore of the Pearl River, across the river from Haixin Sandy Island and the Pearl River New Town of CBD District, Guangzhou City. Guangzhou tower body 450 meters (tower top sightseeing platform top 454 meters), 150 meters antenna mast, a total height of 600 meters. Guangzhou Tower officially opened to the public on September 30, 2010, October 1, 2010 official public ticket reception tourists.

Location: The Guangzhou Tower is located in the center of Guangzhou, where the new axis of the city meets the Pearl River landscape axis.

Our supply:

The doors project of The Guangzhou Tower ,was completed by Zhongtai. Our fire-proof door and so on are used in the Guangzhou Tower.


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