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R&F Logistics Park Project


 R&F Logistics Park is the pioneering work of R&F Real Estate Group's industrial real estate section. The total land area is 1470 mu, and the planned total construction area is about 1.23 million square meter(the operating area has been about 500,000 square meter, and the area under construction is about 430,000 square meter. With an area of about 300,000 square meter), it has a strong storage capacity. The park has a wide range of products, such as warehouses, ramps, medicines and food cold storage.It have perfect office and living facilities, strong financial strength, strong and professional management team and rich experience in development and operation.


Industrial lifting door:115    Hydraulic platform:56


We have successfully signed a long-term cooperation strategy with R&F Properties. R&F's first logistics park project - R&F Logistics Park, Zhongtai Door Industry won the bid.

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