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Guangzhou Huirun plaza


Huirun plaza is the first one-stop shopping center in Huangpu District, with a commercial area of nearly 30,000 square meters. It is the core property of Huangpu Garden and the first one-stop shopping center in Huangpu East. Huirun Square and the traditional commercial district form a strong Huangpu East commercial district, leading Huangpu East brand new commercial entertainment consumption. The square is divided into four layers, with supermarkets, cinemas, special catering, electric appliances, fast food chains, video games, brand clothing, sporting goods, watches, daily necessities chain stores and other rich forms of business, dedicated to building into a shopping, entertainment and catering, Leisure as one of the integrated shopping center.

Location : No. 298 Whampoa east road, Huangpu district, Guangzhou Whampoa garden commercial centre.

Our supply :

The doors project of The Guangzhou Huirun Plaza ,was completed by Zhongtai in 2006.Our fire-proof door ,polycarbonate door and aluminum shutter door and so on are used in the Huirun Plaza.

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