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Bank Shutter Door

Bank Shutter Door

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ProductSpecial Anti-theft Security Shutter Door for Bank

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Steel /Aluminium/Customize



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Roll Up

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Electric/Manual/Button/Remote control

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Guangzhou,Shenzhen etc.


Bank/Anti-theft places

Product Describle

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai           

The anti-theft rolling bank door is composed of guide rail,slat,electric motor,lock set and transmission mechanism. This kind of anti-theft bank door is researched and developed on our own special for bank door, it has not only undergone a series of quality testing, but also got the quality testing certification of public security and police electronic products.It is strong and durable with strong security, long service life, burglar alarm function and so on.

Its guide rail is made of 3.0mm thick aluminum molding by extrusion. The inner and outer panels of the slat are made of 1.2 mm



thick aluminum with 4 pieces of 1.0 mm thick reinforced steel bars in the middle and 2 pieces of steel bars of which diameter is 6 mm in the middle.The bottom bar is made of aluminum square pipe. Meantime, it has the function of rebounding when it encounters an obstacle, and can also set up the function of blocking and rebounding itself. The anti-theft rolling door has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, strong resistance and theft prevention. Its way of opening could be by manual, remote control and button.It is suitable for places with high security requirements such as banks and villas.

This special anti-theft shutter door for banks is a special product which is customized for the major business outlets of the financial system according to the requirements of safety protection for international business places like bank.As a bank door manufacturer, we provide production, sales, installation and after-sales service.


Prouduct advantage

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-1        

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-2            


Product design



Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-3            

1. Lintel available: it can be set with advertising slogans or billboards. If it's a bank, it can be put with the bank's logo and name.

2. Anti-prying function: installed with anti-pushing device, locks are set on both sides of the door bottom. When the switch is locked, there is a prompt sound and the lock has anti-prying function which can prevent the door from prying by force, and it is safe against theft.


Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-4            

3.Silent Operation:the anti-theft rolling shutter door of the bank is independently developed by Zhongtai.It ensures that the door can run vertically and smoothly at any position to eliminate the friction of the door in operation, making the door run more smoothly and noiseless,which can achieves zero friction and noiseless operation.

4.High quality motor:its motor of this door is a direct current motor with good heat dissipation performance. Compared with alternating current motor, the door with DC motor can run more frequently at the same time without damage.

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-5

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5.Strong and durable:not only the slat itself is strong and durable,but also the slat is inserted with reinforced steel bar of 6mm diameter to make burglars cut slowly and be found in time. It has long service life, and a burglar alarm device could be installed.Besides,Zhongtai locks are certified by the Ministry of public security and the police electronic products quality testing center.

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-9           

6.arious options:the door could be opened and closed with a safety alarm (optional), anti-collision device (optional) and a limiter, using automatic rolling to support its opening.

Anti-collision device has the function of automatic rebound when encountering obstacles, preventing the collision of the vehicle when the door falls, and making the person, vehicle or pet pass through the door body smoothly and safely.

7.Intelligent control:It has many ways of control such as button, key, remote control and so on.It is equipped with emergency battery would be provided with DC power supply to ensure normal opening and closing of the door after power failure.Even if the standby battery is powered off,it is equipped with chain to ensure the operation of the door by manually.

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-10            

8.ltiple safeguards:it can automatic close with double ground hook locking to ensure multiple protection.

9.Operation speed: the average speed of the anti-theft rolling shutter door is 5.0-5.5m/s when it is switched on and off, and slows down when it is about to close or rise to the top.

10. Beautiful appearance and design: it is with characteristics of beautiful and generous, durable and strong anti-theft.

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-11           

Slide: made of 3.0mm thick aluminum modeling by extrusion. 

Size of slide:10 mm thickness* 100 mm width

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-12            

Slat:1.2mm thick * 90mm width, with four pieces of 1.00mm thick reinforced steel bar inserted in the middle and two pieces of steel plate of diameter 6mm.

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-13           

Bottom bar: made of 20mm thickness *95mm width,profile 2.0mm thickness aluminum square tube.



Popular Colors of Anti-theft shutter door for Reference

Zhongtai-Bank Shutter Door | Aluminium Rolling Door | Zhongtai-14

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